Ginger and Weight Loss – Does Ginger and Garlic Really Burn Fat & Make You Lose Weight?

Becoming slim & fit is the agenda for every third person you meet. There are innumerable tips and weight loss diets available online. Along with the chemical diet supplements you also hear about the natural fruits & herbs that help you lose those love handles. But have you ever heard of ginger and garlic helping in weight loss? Yes, they are quite beneficial in helping you lose the extra body fat. They are surely a wise choice over the artificial diets.

Ginger and Weight Loss

· Ginger is recognized for its excellent medicinal properties for a long time. It is best to help the digestive system. Ginger contains shogoals & gingerols. These help calm the stomach acid. It further helps in toning the muscles of digestive tract.

· Ginger root is beneficial in medicinal uses. It lowers the cholesterol level which in turn helps in weight loss.

· Ginger root aids the metabolism.

· It improves the gastric mobility. This helps in reducing the bloating by the moving food and aids digestion.

· There are a number of ginger root weight loss supplements available online.

· This also makes the digestion process work properly.

Garlic and Weight Loss

· Garlic is the other miracle food that makes you fit & healthy. It contains a compound called allicin that has anti bacterial effects. It helps in reducing the unhealthy fat & cholesterol.

· Garlic helps in weight loss as it contains antioxidants. These antioxidants also help reducing the risk of cancer.

· For losing weight with garlic include it in your day to day diet.

· It increases your metabolism by removing the toxins and improving the circulation.

· It does not have any side effects.

· Garlic gives you excellent result when accompanied with a balanced diet and regular exercises.

So, it is now clear that with the use of ginger and garlic, weight loss is no longer a painful affair.

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Benefits of Papaya – A Natural Fat Burning Food

Discover the incredible weight loss benefits of papaya, how to best prepare it and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from papayas – one of nature’s amazing fat burning foods.

Papayas grow on a tree that is really an herb.

Eaten as a fruit, the papaya is sweet and tasty and a terrific means of getting your recommended daily portion of fruit!

There are two varieties of the papaya that most people prefer to eat. The two types are the Hawaiian papaya and the Mexican papaya. You will frequently notice the Hawaiian variety in your grocery store.

This is known as the Solo papaya, and has a shape similar to a pear, with a yellow skin tone and shiny orange or pink flesh. Mexican papayas sometimes weigh as much as 20 pounds each, which is heavier than Hawaiian papayas. They do not have as strong a flavor as the Hawaiian variety, but they are quite scrumptious.

Papaya has a flavor similar to peaches and melons mixed together – a very delicious fruit!

Fat Burning Benefits of Papaya

Papaya contains a great deal of Vitamins C and A. It is not high in calories, has no fat, has no cholesterol and is rich in potassium, fiber and folate; therefore, it is a nutritious fruit to eat daily.

The main health benefit of the papaya is to help the digestion.

The proteolytic enzyme papain found in papaya is helpful in breaking down proteins, fats and starches in the body and is also helpful in cleansing the digestive tract by eliminating unnecessary protein byproducts.

This is a bonus food to add to your fat burning diet, because this indicates that there is not as much food in your metabolism that is turning into fat. In addition, papaya is good for your whole endocrine system.

The fruit is also regarded as a nutritional powerhouse, rich in the already mentioned Vitamins A and C, folate, fiber and potassium, as well as Vitamin E, the eye-essential lutein and zeaxanthin and lycopene.

Some health researchers indicate that papaya belongs on the top three fruits’ list of every person who regularly eats different types of fruit.

Compared to oranges, they have 50% more potassium and 13 times more Vitamin C, plus they have lower calories. Plus, papayas are higher in Vitamin E content than either oranges or apples.

Papaya likewise assists the body in the production of the amino acid arginine, which triggers the growth hormone that causes the rejuvenation of cells in your muscles, liver and bones. Papaya juice helps your skin to become smoother and suppler.

It is especially good for people who have light-colored complexions, and is frequently manufactured into moisturizing creams that are helpful in protecting the skin and in preventing premature aging of the skin.

You really have a powerful nutritional food when you drink pineapple juice with papayas, because pineapple juice is high in an essential enzyme called bromelain.

It is believed that papaya can decrease the chance of colon and cervical cancer.

Preparation of the Papaya

You can try eating some raw papaya slices, or slice it in cubes (approximately one cup for each portion). However, it is better to have it with a meal (such as additional fruits and foods) instead of eating it alone. The reason why is that it has beta-cryptozanthin, which the body absorbs better if you consume it with some fat.

Papaya can be mashed, or used as an ingredient in a hot and fiery salsa. For a tasty breakfast smoothie, mix it with yogurt, milk or orange juice.

Blend papaya to use as a sorbet or ice cream base. Alternatively, you can puree papaya and use it as a healthy salad dressing to mix with your salad greens.

Cut or cubed papaya is a great ingredient to add to a fruit salad: include honeydew, strawberries or other delicious fruits for a bright looking, wholesome and tasty treat!

When you want to buy a papaya, try to find fruit that has a partial or full yellow color.

It should give in a little bit when you press it, but it should not be too soft where the stem end is located. Do not purchase fruit that has bruises, cuts, mold, wrinkles or soft spots. If you don’t cut a papaya, they won’t have any smell. The aroma occurs after small, sweet papayas are cut open.

Place unripe, green papayas in a paper bag at room temperature in order to ripen them up. Look frequently, since the fruit will ripen fast. When they ripen up, put papayas in a plastic bag, and store in the refrigerator for approximately one week. Once the papayas are ripe, it is a good idea to eat them immediately or at least within a couple of days.

There is an enzyme known as papain that is found in the papaya. This is the reason why papaya is known for its meat tenderizing ability.

The papaya seeds are also quite edible. They have a flavor similar to pepper, and some people use the seeds as a substitute for peppercorns.

How Much To Consume

One cup of sliced papaya is equal to approximately 140 grams.

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Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly? Easy Ways to Lose Weight

If you are desperate to lose weight quickly, then you need to make sure that you are following safe and proven weight loss programs and tips that can give you effective and long lasting results.

Many people depend on fat loss pills and diet supplements as the fastest way to lose weight, which can ruin your health and offer you only temporary results. Intensive workouts may actually leave your body tired and devoid of any energy and is definitely not the right way towards quick weight loss. So what works? A slow and steady way of losing weight can give you better results in the long term and lead to definite weight loss.

You need to have a strong sense of determination and set your goals for slimming down accordingly. There is no short cut to successfully losing excess weight and you need to remember that a well shaped and toned body can be achieved using the right combination of exercises and planning a healthy diet.

Lots of people become victims to the false claims made by unethical manufacturers and end up buying different weight loss products. However, it is important to realize that these can prove disastrous to the health and cause various kinds of side effects.

Some smart tips for quick weight loss

If you are aiming at quick and safe weight loss, then you can follow some of the tips given here:

Switch to a low glycemic diet

It is important to eat foods which have a low glycemic index and contain less fat and at the same time contain essential nutrients that can keep your body healthy. You can include in your diet lots of grains – including breakfast cereals that contain oats, barley and whole grain breads, as well as eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Reduce your meal portions

One of the easy ways to lose some excess weight is to cut down the quantity of your meal portions to reduce food consumption. Make sure that you take small portions of food every time and increase the frequency of eating to about 5-6 times a day by including healthy servings of fruits and vegetables like salads. However, make sure to avoid salad dressings that are oily and fattening.

Eat more protein-based foods

Eat more protein-based foods which can help in increasing your metabolism and burn fat more easily. A protein rich diet helps you to preserve your lean muscle and gives you good energy after a workout. Make sure that the protein foods that you choose are low in fat to get the best results.

Combine cardio exercises along with weight training

Do cardio workouts along with a weight-training program that can speed up the process of burning fat and build muscle for a well-toned body. Also, remember that a shorter workout can produce better results than longer workouts done at a moderate pace.

Use effective weight loss programs and tips if you really want to slim down, tone up and look fantastic!

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