How to Lose Weight Fast

Have You Ever Wondered How To Lose Weight Fast?

Do you want to lose weight fast, most people do?  We live in an era of speed an age when everyone wants quick results.  Regardless of the fact that the excess weight a person carries took time to accumulate they often want to be rid of it in a short space of time.  That’s why everyone is looking for the quick fix and explains the lure of the latest pill, potion or exotic tea.

Everyone want to know how to lose weight fast and it’s possible to lose it quickly using pills but these have bad side effects.  It’s also possible to starve oneself by going on one of the diets that cuts out food all together and to lose weight quickly.  You may have noticed that the majority of those who do lose weight this way put it all back on again.

The best way to lose weight is to lose it steadily in the same way it was gained which gives the body a chance to adjust and the skin to return to it’s original size and shape.  However there are ways of addressing weight problems that can help to lose weight faster than others and there are some things to avoid too.

How to Lose Weight Fast

The things to avoid if you want to lose weight and to lose it fast are diets.  Diets focus on food and the focus while on a diet is generally on what you can’t have.  Cutting out foods, calorie counting, fat reduction, points and the like mean that all the focus is on food, food, food.

People on diets learn which foods are ‘bad’ and which foods are ‘good.’  They learn what to avoid and what they can have and again it’s all food, food, food.  Because of the way the mind works this focus on food will make you crave food and especially the foods you have been told not to have.

To lose weight fast is easier than you ever imagined.  First of all decide what you want, not what you don’t want but what you want.  Keep the focus off food for now and focus on size and shape and level of fitness then write it down.

Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What do I have to do to achieve that?”
  • “What sorts of food could I eat to help me to achieve it?”
  • “What portion sizes will be needed to achieve my goal?
  • “How can I enjoy foods and still reach my goal?” 

You do know the answers to those questions and if you ask them repeatedly by beginning each day asking, “What could I eat today that will help me to be slim by… “ or “What size portion shall I eat this evening so I can reach my goal by… “ or “How can I stay on track today so I can achieve my goal of being… on… “

The way the human mind is set up, whenever you ask a question your mind has to give you an answer and you have all the knowledge you need within you.  Use the power of your subconscious mind to help you to know how to lose weight fast and to keep it off forever.

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Why is metabolism important to weight loss

Fruits and Vegetables for Increase Metabolic Rate

To lose weight it is necessary to increase metabolic rate of body. Dietitians, gym instructor, doctors all advice you to do exercises that help in increasing metabolic rate of body. Whenever you tired to do exercise then it is advisable to increase that fruits and vegetables in diet that help in increasing metabolic rate of body. Since it is important to increase metabolic rate of body it is really important to understand the meaning of metabolism and metabolic rate of body. Here we define meaning of metabolic rate and its importance in weight loss in detail.

Meaning of Metabolism

The chemical transformation of body cells of living organisms is known as metabolism of the body. Two types of metabolism takes place in body Anabolism and Catabolism. Anabolism are reactions take place in body that use energy of body to make nucleic acid and protein that help in repair and reproduce new cells in body. Catabolism is chemical reactions take place in body that produces energy for anabolism by breaking down of organic matters in body.

Understand Metabolic Rate of Body

Metabolic Rate is also called as Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) which is the rate of expenditure of minimum energy by warm blood when organism is at rest. In simple words BMR can be defined amount of calories uses by body as fuel for function properly. When age of organism increases the BMR of body tend to decrease, it also decreases with decrement of body mass. BMR of body increase when muscle mass of body increases. With Cardio exercises and with aerobic exercises one can increase the metabolic rate of body effectively. To calculate accurate BMR of the body certain parameters like gender, age, weight and height is required.

Importance of Metabolism in Human Body

  1. Metabolism plays an important role to lose weight of body. High metabolic rate can help in losing more weight by burning more calories of body during physical activities and even body at rest.

You might know few people who have unhealthy eating habits but they are neither fat nor obese this is because their genetic makeup is such that they have natural high metabolic rate which burn body’s extra calories and such people need not to do much physical exercises. But people those don’t have naturally high metabolic rate need to do physical exercise and add food in their diet which help to increase metabolic rate of body.

  1. The composition of human body consist of bones, organs and muscles collectively known as lean mass which is comprised by fats too. Muscle mass and metabolism has close relation. If you have more muscle mass then your metabolic rate is also high while doing any physical activity or if your body at rest. Hence it is always advice to increase protein in your diet if you are doing hard physical exercises for weight loss as protein help in build muscles in increase muscles mass of body.

Due to the difference in Lean mass there is difference in body weight of male and female. It has been observed male has more lean mass than female. Also after the age of 30 metabolic rate of body start decreasing which results in to weight gain, no matters if you are male or female or whatever you have genetic makeup. It is necessary to take care of diet to maintain metabolic rate and avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Some Ways to Boost Metabolic Rate of body

  1. By doing some cardio exercises like jumping, rope jumping, aerobics, can help in boosting metabolic rate of body. It is good to do cardio exercise at least for 30 minutes for long lasting results. These exercises will not only help in increasing metabolic rate of your body but also help in balancing body hormones which help you in controlling hunger cravings for long hours.
  2. Protein helps in building new cells and muscles in the body. During your weight loss program it is good to increase protein rich diet in your body which helps in increasing body muscle mass and maintain metabolic rate of body.
  3. If you don’t have habit to drink tea or coffee then add this habit today to lose body weight. Tea or coffee consists of caffeine which is the natural booster for metabolism which helps in effective weight loss. You can make use of green tea also to boost metabolic rate. It is good to drink a cup of tea or coffee before workout, it will help in burning calories more quickly.
  4. Spice will not only add flavor in your dish but can also add in your life by help you in losing weight of body. Increase amount of little spicy food in your diet which also help in boosting metabolic rate and reducing weight of body. Spicy food also keeps you away from food for long hours i.e. it helps you in controlling hunger cravings.
  5. You can also take a help of dietitian to prepare a diet chart for you that can help in boost up your metabolic rate and reduce weight of body.

By understanding the meaning of metabolism and metabolic rate it is more convenient for people to make the strategy of weight loss program. Also above mention tips can help you in boosting metabolic rate and help you in reaching to your weight loss goal.

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Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

Keeping Your Weight Loss Permanent

Losing weight is a sometimes daunting task but when successful it is a cause for great pride. Keeping the weight off is also a hard job but with some key guidelines to help it is possible to keep the weight off and enjoy yourself at the same time.

How You Eat

First, it is important that in your original plan you accomplished the loss in a healthy way with a good variety of healthy foods and exercises that fit your lifestyle and attitude. This is important because to maintain your new healthy lifestyle you will need to permanently incorporate your new eating habits and exercise regime. Variety and things that suit your pace of life is the best way to stay the course with your new healthy lifestyle.

A Healthy Attitude

You need to reinforce a positive mindset in your new habits for eating and exercising. Making sure you keep with your new routine is important and keeping an upbeat view about your new habits is vital. Luckily the nutritious food and exercise will actually help in making you physically and mentally feel better and keep an optimistic outlook.


Exercise is a crucial step in maintaining your new lifestyle. There is a huge variety of exercises and styles of workouts. You have no excuse in not finding something to suit your schedule and temperament. It’s important to remember that while you can take off weight with just wholesome and nutritious eating habits adding a cardio and weight-lifting program greatly increases your chances of losing more weight and maintaining it over time.

Motivation and Support

Sharing your goals with some friends or your family can be a good motivator and an additional help in staying the course for a healthier you. Even better include them in your new weight loss arrangement, it’s an excellent way to keep up your enthusiasm and attitude.

Carefully Choose Your Weight Loss Plan

Remember to choose carefully in your weight loss ideas and plans as well as the people you let on to your intentions. You do not want any negative thoughts or feelings to hamper your goals. Losing weight can be fun and interesting if you approach it with a positive attitude. Learning about new foods and workout styles can be quite enjoyable. Learning to cook, meet new people and travel to new and different areas can all be part of your new improved life. Approaching weight loss with a fun and yet practical outlook can be extremely rewarding and life-changing.

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